Thursday, April 30, 2015

Amicus is Looking for A Research Associate (part-time)

Amicus is looking to hire a research associate to help them build a "page rank-like algorithm to calculate legal risk in online contracts." The gig is listed as part-time, but hey, you get to be on the patent!

We are looking for a part-time research associate with ninja-like data science, mathematical and algorithmic skills. We are building the next PageRank-like algorithm to calculate legal risk in Online Contracts. This is a rare opportunity to be part of a patent pending algorithm development, and become part of owning a patent.

GoLorry is Looking for a CTO

GoLorry is looking to find a CTO with experience in mapping and routing algorithms, among other CTO-ish things. They are looking to change the way that goods are transported in India.

We required tech architect with strong technical skills and extensive experience in handling databases. In addition the skills mentioned below would also be highly valued:
-Strong algorithmic composing and programming skill set
-Experience with building and/or interacting with mapping data, geospatial services, large datasets, routing algorithms and traffic pattern analysis
-Experience in statistical inferences/analysis, data mining and time series analysis

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SkyWardIO Hiring Aerial Drone Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Developer

SkyWardIO is hiring a, "aerial drone knowledge representation and reasoning developer." Put that on your business card! Their copy is quite obtuse, but I think that amounts to a software developer / operations researcher with machine learning experience.

As a member of the technical specialist team, you’ll work with the team lead, UI/UX lead, and full stack team to design and develop schemas, ontologies, and API specifications (25%). You’ll develop the models or develop ingesters/mappers to bring data in and out of the production system (25%), write rules and rule engine interfaces (25%), and integrate semantic and statistical models into a Java enterprise and object oriented system (25%). 

 As one of the job perks, you'll get, "$1,000 allowance for your own, personal drone... everyone in the company enjoys flying these things!"

Shredding Your Workday

“It’s like the front door of the office is like a Cuisinart and you walk in and your day is shredded to bits.” - Jason Fried, Basecamp

Monday, April 27, 2015

List of PyCon Companies and their Desire for Remote Workers

While not strictly data science focused, Brian Dailey took the time to interview all the companies at the PyCon 2015 job fair and ask about their interest in hiring remote workers. Here's the results of the survey. Here's the data in an IPython Notebook.

DataFi is Hiring a Senior Data Scientist

DataFi is hiring a remote Senior Data Scientist in the Financial Technology and Construction Lending space.

As a data scientist on our team, you will be tasked with designing and implementing predictive models. You will utilize the latest techniques in machine learning and statistics to solve big problems in the Financial Technology space. You’ll be working alongside the business development team to deeply understand the nuances of construction lending and use that knowledge to design a model that will be one of the pillars of our company’s success. You’ll then help the product team build that model into the rest of the web platform. From exploration to execution, you will be critical to the design and implementation of our data product.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Signifyd Is Looking for "Sheriff" ... Data Scientist with a Gun?

Signifiyd Inc. is looking for a "sheriff" / software engineer. No kidding. It seems that means an engineer with machine learning experience to help them find payment fraud.

... we're looking for world-class engineers who are eager to learn, adopt, and contribute to a reactive style of programming.  The position is for a backend engineer and will involve architecting and building scalable, event-driven fraud detection systems.

Machine learning experience is "highly desired." Points for originality.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Be a Data Scientist Mentor at Thinkful

Thinkful is looking to hire 1-on-1 data science coaches for their students. The position is part-time and remote.

Thinkful students sharpen their skills in weekly 1-on-1 sessions as they work through our project-based curriculum and build data science skills to better their careers or advance personal projects. Work with our students as they learn to acquire, clean, analyze and visualize data to answer meaningful questions in Python and work towards a career in data science.

Continuum Analytics Hiring Client Facing Data Scientist

Continuum Analytics, the makers of the exceptional Anaconda python distribution, is hiring a client-facing data scientist.

We are looking for accomplished scientists and engineers interested in a customer-facing software consultancy that could lead to full time placement with a customer at the conclusion of a project or additional work with other clients. Many of these roles allow for involvement with our core technologies as needed by the customer.  The more experienced candidate will have a strong technical background with at least a Masters Degree in Statistics, Science, Engineering, or related field with a solid understanding of Data Science.

Continuum has had a huge positive impact on the data science world, and it's great to see them hiring data scientists.

Domino Is Looking for a Data Scientist Evangelist

Domino, maker of data science SaaS platform, is hiring a data scientist evangelist to do what sounds like the best job ever:

We're looking for a Data Science Evangelist to be the outward face of Dominoto the data science community: do your own analysis projects and write about them; help our users with their analyses; attend meetups and other events. This is a great opportunity for someone with diverse interests who wants exposure to a breadth of sophisticated data science use cases. Interested? Let us know!

I contacted Nick Elprin and Domino and asked if they were open to remote, to which he said: "Sure, we're open to remote candidates." So, let them know RemoteDataScience sent you!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Humana is Hiring a Data Scientist / Statistician

Humana, a healthcare and insurance company, is hiring a data scientist / statistician (old school!) for a new analytics group.

Humana is seeking an experienced statistician with demonstrated health and wellness data analysis expertise to join a newly created Science & Analytics team in Wellness department.  The Science & Analytics area within Wellness designs and conducts scientific research to improve the health of our consumers.  The data scientist will be responsible for answering vital scientific questions relevant to Humana’s Wellness Products and Services.  The ideal candidate will be creative and innovative in planning analytic studies and data visualization, have experience working with large complex data sets from various sources (e.g., health care systems, claims, services operations, apps, external sources, survey data), have advanced statistical skills, have demonstrated expertise in leveraging big data, and be skilled at planning and conducting next generation analyses to predict and influence consumer Wellness behaviors.

Pithy Inspirational Quote: Be a Good Writer to be Remote

In a co-located office, a lot of information is shared in-person. In a remote situation, everything is shared via written communication. Communication is one of the most important parts of remote team. Therefore, good writers are valuable.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Stripe is Hiring a Credit Risk Analyst

Stripe is hiring a credit risk analysis, which is semi-related to data science. As with other Stripe jobs, they give a location (San Francisco) but say on their hiring page that they are open to remote work. So what's a "credit risk analyst" do?

You'll work closely with our risk, finance and machine learning teams to build credit policies for our diverse user segments, design solutions that can scale with our user base, and think through how to best evaluate and manage credit risk for businesses small, large, conventional and unique.
  • Work with the risk and finance teams to improve Stripe's credit risk policies, define acceptable exposure at the segment and entity level, and manage portfolio risk.
  • Work closely with the machine learning team to create statistical models that estimate the probability of default and extent of exposure across a wide range of businesses. 
  • Design creative ways to manage risk for large or unusual accounts that don't fit into traditional statistical models.
  • Work with the risk team to create processes (both manual and automated) to handle deviations from acceptable risk levels and develop ways to proactively mitigate risk.
  • Build reporting systems to analyze and track the performance of our credit risk models and strategies.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Stripe is Hiring a Data Analyst

Stripe is hiring a data analyst. The job posting says "San Francisco" but the main Stripe hiring page says, "We embrace distributed work; some benefits will vary by location." Which is true? If you know, let us know!

We’re looking for data analysts who can help us identify the questions we should be asking, and answer them. You should love clever analysis and get excited about elegance in experimental design.

You will:

  • Discover the important questions that Stripe should be asking, and then answer them with data.
  • Design and run your own experiments.
  • Identify useful metrics, and set up graphs and reports to track these metrics.
  • Keep our data structured in a way that makes regular analysis easy and flexible.
  • Evangelize data within the company.

Signal Processing and Motion Algorithm Engineer at Snypr

Snypr is hiring an early-stage motion algorithm engineer. They are building a product in the motion sensing and sports analytics space. Sounds neat

You should have a very strong background in signal processing, familiar with real-time analysis, comfortable with filtering, programming, testing, and refining algorithms.
- Experience with inertial sensor fusion using 6/9 axis IMUs (especially accelerometers and gyros)
- Design and implementation of data collection experiments, algorithm development, integration and verification
- Optimize algorithms to enable real-time motion recognition
- Experience with implementing Kalman filtering and motion estimation using available sensor data
- Interest in sports and fitness - especially stick-based sports like baseball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis
- Develop novel algorithms to recognize the motion of sticks and athletes. Examples including ball and stick handling skills, speed calculation, and so on.
- Familiarity with translating floating point algorithms to fixed point or constrained energy architectures
- Assist development of firmware to generate and/or improve the data input to motion algorithms

 Sounds like a perfect job for all those EE's who want out of the military space.

Scala Engineer at ML Company PredictionIO

PredictionIO is looking to hire a remote Scala engineer. Looks like you'll be building ML systems that other people will use.

We are looking for a Scala Engineer who are interested in Machine Learning to join our team. You will work closely with our Enterprise and community customers. Responsibilities will include: onboarding new customers, developing technical documentation on architecture/feature set, responding to RFPs, developing a deep expertise in PredictionIO technology.

If you're not familiar with PredictionIO, "PredictionIO is an open-source Machine Learning server for developers and data scientists to build and deploy predictive applications in a fraction of the time."

Data Scientist / ML Expert at Enlitic

Enlitic is looking for an early hire data scientist to involve themselves in all aspects of the business:

You should expect to spend time talking to medical experts to understand their needs, discussing infrastructure issues with lawyers and system administrators, studying the overall healthcare technology landscape, learning about the capabilities and limitations of machine learning algorithms from your colleagues, proposing creative solutions to complex holistic problems, designing better organizational processes to help us come together to solve these problems, writing down explanations of these solutions for both our internal staff and external partners, and so forth.
We expect our data scientists to have an in-depth understanding of at least one key area that is relevant to us — examples include: deep learning, convex optimization, linear algebra, distributed system design, GPU programming, computer vision, healthcare software, large-scale storage systems, and so forth. You also need to have a broad understanding of a range of practical data science skills, such as programming in Python, JavaScript or C++, machine learning using algorithms such as random forest and regularized regression, algorithm design and usage, and software engineering.

Use Data Science to help 1 BILLION people!  ML in the medical field seems pretty cool.

Remote Data Wrangler Position at Automattic

The double-t Automattic is hiring for a remote "data wrangler." I assume this is a trendy way of saying data scientist (which is a trendy way of saying a bunch of things).

We are always developing new ways to use our data to encourage users, build new features, and analyze how well existing features are working. We host our users’ ideas, opinions, photos, and dreams — that’s lots of data spread across lots of machines.
There's no date on the job listing (what??) so, as of today (4/17/15) I still assuming they're hiring.

Remote Data Engineer at WhatRunsWhere

If a Data Engineer call themselves a Data Scientist in the forest, does anyone know? What if it's a random forest?

Lame, yes, but WhatRunsWhere is hiring a remote data engineer that presumably will work alongside data scientists to do DataStuff

 As a Data Engineer, you will be the steward of that data, ensuring that our ever-growing collection of advertising intelligence is clean, scalable, and well-organized. Your responsibilities will include data modeling, building our data and reporting infrastructure, and working with internal stakeholders (our data scientist, the product team, our management, etc) on tangible ways we can turn our data into information and intelligence.
Couldn't hurt to ask their lead data scientist if he's remote:

Remote Data Scientist at Khan Academy

Khan Academy is hiring a remote data scientist.

The Data Science team works alongside developers, product managers and designers, applying analytical tools and statistical methods to our amazing dataset to improve the learning experience for our users. Data scientists are responsible for querying, cleaning and presenting data as well as running experiments and answering open questions with detailed analysis or investigation of the data. We enjoy the challenge of tackling tricky questions and effectively communicating (sometimes ambiguous) results with the team.

The job listing says they allow remote workers, but the description doesn't explicitly mention it. For reals? Not sure.

How can Remote Data Scientists Play Pingpong and Drink Friday Beers?

Remote working is cool. So cool there's a book about it. Data Science is cool. So cool that is the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century. Given all that, when we combine forces it should be pretty much unstoppable.

Except, it aint. There's just not that many Data Science jobs for remote workers. Why? Where are they? How can we fix it?

All good questions. Now to find some answers ...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Jvion Hiring Data Scientists for the Healthcare Market

Jvion is hiring a data scientist / data geek / r programming to work on their healthcare related products.

What You'll Do:
  • Programming in R and applying various statistical models for data analysis
  • Create predictive models utilizing machine learning algorithms for various outcomes with quantifiable performance measures
  • Implement created models to production quality and application-ready scale
  • Analyze and evaluate data elements for transformations and insight
  • Prepare model results in communicable format for the team
What We're Looking For:
  • Extensive experience designing, developing, and implementing predictive models on a
    variety of data sets
  • Proven ability in model construction with ML algorithms and analysis of model result performance
  • Extensive knowledge of and comfort with R
  • Advance understanding of statistics concepts and implementation in R