Friday, April 17, 2015

Data Scientist / ML Expert at Enlitic

Enlitic is looking for an early hire data scientist to involve themselves in all aspects of the business:

You should expect to spend time talking to medical experts to understand their needs, discussing infrastructure issues with lawyers and system administrators, studying the overall healthcare technology landscape, learning about the capabilities and limitations of machine learning algorithms from your colleagues, proposing creative solutions to complex holistic problems, designing better organizational processes to help us come together to solve these problems, writing down explanations of these solutions for both our internal staff and external partners, and so forth.
We expect our data scientists to have an in-depth understanding of at least one key area that is relevant to us — examples include: deep learning, convex optimization, linear algebra, distributed system design, GPU programming, computer vision, healthcare software, large-scale storage systems, and so forth. You also need to have a broad understanding of a range of practical data science skills, such as programming in Python, JavaScript or C++, machine learning using algorithms such as random forest and regularized regression, algorithm design and usage, and software engineering.

Use Data Science to help 1 BILLION people!  ML in the medical field seems pretty cool.

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