Friday, April 17, 2015

Signal Processing and Motion Algorithm Engineer at Snypr

Snypr is hiring an early-stage motion algorithm engineer. They are building a product in the motion sensing and sports analytics space. Sounds neat

You should have a very strong background in signal processing, familiar with real-time analysis, comfortable with filtering, programming, testing, and refining algorithms.
- Experience with inertial sensor fusion using 6/9 axis IMUs (especially accelerometers and gyros)
- Design and implementation of data collection experiments, algorithm development, integration and verification
- Optimize algorithms to enable real-time motion recognition
- Experience with implementing Kalman filtering and motion estimation using available sensor data
- Interest in sports and fitness - especially stick-based sports like baseball, hockey, lacrosse, tennis
- Develop novel algorithms to recognize the motion of sticks and athletes. Examples including ball and stick handling skills, speed calculation, and so on.
- Familiarity with translating floating point algorithms to fixed point or constrained energy architectures
- Assist development of firmware to generate and/or improve the data input to motion algorithms

 Sounds like a perfect job for all those EE's who want out of the military space.

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