Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SkyWardIO Hiring Aerial Drone Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Developer

SkyWardIO is hiring a, "aerial drone knowledge representation and reasoning developer." Put that on your business card! Their copy is quite obtuse, but I think that amounts to a software developer / operations researcher with machine learning experience.

As a member of the technical specialist team, you’ll work with the team lead, UI/UX lead, and full stack team to design and develop schemas, ontologies, and API specifications (25%). You’ll develop the models or develop ingesters/mappers to bring data in and out of the production system (25%), write rules and rule engine interfaces (25%), and integrate semantic and statistical models into a Java enterprise and object oriented system (25%). 

 As one of the job perks, you'll get, "$1,000 allowance for your own, personal drone... everyone in the company enjoys flying these things!"

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